Falafel #4 – EXCLUSIVE: Christiane Amanpore Interviews 1940s German Leader


TV News Interview

Editor’s note: In his day, Adolf Hitler was known to some as a genocidal monster and ravaged lunatic of an individual. But to others, he was a charismatic moderate leader of a party fundamentally interested in providing social services, like education. With exclusive access to an advanced new method developed by the Obama Administration–and loaned only to us–for bringing tyrants back from the past, our Christiane Amanpore sits down with Mr. Hitler for a candid conversation.

Below is a preview of Amanpore’s daring first question, and Mr. Hitler’s cryptic response some think is a hint towards a long-awaited rapprochement. For the full interview, sign up for our Weekly News newsletter, “Newsletter: The Weekly News.”


Amanpore: Herr Hitler, The Feuhrer, if you will. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to talk with us. I’ll jump right in. Some people have accused you of being an anti-Semite. What do you have to say on that account?

AH:  Yes, I absolutely hate the Jews.


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