Parsha Nitzavim: Using Mouths & Hearts

23 Elul 5774 September 19, 2014 To read parshat Nitzavim is to experience Moses’ renewal of the Jewish covenant with the people of Israel. Doing so in the land of Israel is to experience the fulfillment of prophecy itself. In his final days on earth, Moses gathers every member of the Jewish people to renew more »

Samuel the citizen’s prophet

In honor of our most recent event assisting in the restoration of Samuel’s Tomb, it makes sense that we dig a bit deeper into one of the great Prophets of the Jewish people, the Prophet Samuel. According to History, Samuel sat at the cusp of two eras in Jewish history.  He was at the pivot more »

Toldot – “What is my birthright?”

In Parsha Toldot, we read one of the most fascinating and mystifying accounts in the five books of Moses. Isaac, Abraham’s son and the second forefather, is growing old and must convey his blessing to the next generation – to his son that will be the heir and final forefather. In Isaac’s mind, that son more »

A Bridge for Jewish Life in Manashe

Today, we often talk about the gulfs between Jews and the need that Jewish identity has for new sources of bridge building. Whether it’s between tradition and modernity, Israel and the Diaspora, or haredi and hiloni, finding ways to overcome differences by creating new ideas and new structures is the only way to create a more »