“The learned are as one man, in their opinion of the importance of debating societies in developing the mind, and prompting to greater and higher efforts.”-Herman Melville, 1838.

Every month JNI convenes The Whiskey Debates, a debate society based in Tel Aviv that puts major issues about Israel and Jewish life to the test. The Whiskey Debate Society members have tackled issues like haredi education, relations with Turkey, economic reform, the limits of freedom of expression, restructuring the military, foreign labor, the role of Talmud in the judiciary, civil marriage, and many others.

Each session offers between two and four debates, each of which lasts about twelve minutes. At the end of every debate audience  members comment on the debaters’ strong points, weak points and style, and then cast their vote for the winner.

Very few if any of the debaters have previous debate experience but we’ve found every Whiskey Debater has a personal style that develops over the course of just a few debates.

Care to join? Email info@jni.co.il.